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IJN College is a post-basic college that provides higher education for healthcare personnel wanting to pursue specialist careers in the cardiovascular and cardiothoracic disciplines. The College is an affiliate of the Institut Jantung Negara. Part of its role is to coordinate the clinical training functions of IJN Holdings.

Since the IJN College was founded it has been conducting teaching and providing education to healthcare personnel. These professionals include Cardiovascular Technologists, Cardiac Angiographers, Peri-operative Nurses, Coronary Critical Care Nurses, Cardiac Perfusionists, Physiotherapists, Peri-operative Nurses and many others.

IJN College also provides short term courses for those outside the medical profession. All training is conducted by medical specialists, clinicians and allied health practitioners through classroom teaching and practical attachments. In addition to medical training IJN College also provides a number of short-term non-medical courses that are taught by fully qualified external training providers.

Since its foundation, IJN College has provided training for thousands of personnel including over 1500 medical professionals.

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