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Health and Wellness Programs at IJN

Most people have a yearly physical examination to evaluate their basic, vital bodily functions. Well, technology has come a long way. The trend now is to have a “complete indepth screening”, of all major bodily functions, especially the heart. The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. The health of the heart is tantamount to life itself, however, other organs and systems in the body are also very important. This is where IJN’s Health and Wellness Programs come into play. IJN’s Health and Wellness programs offer comprehensive, complete testing of the major bodily functions including the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs. Once the comprehensive tests have been completed you can rest assured that your body is functioning at it’s most optimum level. If any problems are found during your testing they can be addressed in a timely manner thus preventing problems in the future. Conditions can be identified before they become a problem!




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IJN’s Fitness and Wellness health screening package that covers all markers and indicators. Our health screening helps measure your level of fitness, identifies potential problems and develops prevention and/or rehabilitative strategies at an early stage. Under this Package, we conduct a variety of tests, screenings and provide consultancy, as well as offer healthcare solutions if treatment is required. This package is ideal for young adults below the age of 35.



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Adults aged 35 years and above who are always on the go and pursue an active lifestyle are bound to experience a change in their health. Our Essential Wellness Package health screening will help expose serious symptoms and ailments, if any, that require preventive treatment and care.



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Do you know that people with diabetes stand a higher risk of contracting heart disease? Well, instead of wondering if you are at risk, register for the IJN Diabetes Wellness Package health screening. It will help uncover other warning signs as well as instruct you how to prevent and treat existing symptoms to reverse future complications.

MEN WELLNESS PACKAGE – from RM1500 onwards


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We all think that we are still young (especially men under 35 years of age)…while that may be so, it is still important that you know and understand your health. IJN’s Men Wellness health screening package will help you identify risk factors, if any, in order for treatment to be recommended before they become irreversible. This package has 2 options – Elite (RM1500) and Premium (RM1888). Click here to view brochure.

WOMEN WELLNESS PACKAGE – from RM1500 onwards



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We are health conscious, but for some strange reasons, for women aged 40 – 50, our health and wellness increasingly takes centre stage in our lives. A great place to start is to register for IJN’s Women Wellness health screening package. We will assess your health conditions and advise how best to manage and improve your wellness. Do something today – do not guess – your health is important. This package has 2 options – Elite (RM1500) and Premium (RM1888). Click here to view brochure.



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Women are true jugglers – we work, we are also home keepers juggling the home and family. It is not surprising that many of us are often tired – physically and mentally. Women, especially those above 35 years of age, seriously need to take some time out to assess the state of their health and wellness.  At IJN, we understand women wellness – we have three types of women wellness screening packages to cater to different types of women lifestyle. Go check it out now – there is surely one health screening package that works for you. This package has 3 options – Essential Plus (RM1400), Elite Plus (RM1950) & Premium Plus (RM2255). Click here to view brochure.

No matter which program you choose, you can be assured that you will know the status of your health once the Health and Wellness Program Tests have been completed.


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