Heart Screening Programs at IJN

screening IJN as the leading heart hospital in the region and with the state of the art facilities and experienced doctors are:

  • capable of undertaking any intervention and surgical procedures
  • any further tests will be within the hospital facilities



Should I Have a Heart Screening Examination?

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Regular health screening are important health assessment – preventive , early detection, guidance, improve quality of life, proper managed care or potential health risk can be managed or prevented. You could be at risk for common diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Promote the right approach to health practices to reduce the impact of disease. Screening prevents such risks and encourages interventional programs to manage these diseases.



How Do I Go About Booking A Screening?

Make an appointment:

  1. Call: +603 2617 8844

  2. Email : contact@ijn.com.my

  3. Online Appointment Form

Our Operational hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 7.30 am – 3.00 pm

  • Saturday : 7.30 am – 12.00 pm




How Should I Prepare For My Screening Examination?









FASTING: Please fast from 12.00 mid night prior to your appointment day. You are allowed to drink plain water only from this time onwards. Light snacks will be served following your blood tests.

MEDICATION: Please bring your medication along if you are on any prescription (such as medication for high blood pressure, diabetes)

WHAT TO WEAR? We recommend track suit, jogging or rubber shoes for the treadmill exercise.

DURATION OF THE SCREENING: The ESP package you have selected may take about 3 to 5 hours to complete.

KNOWING YOUR RESULT: On the same day, you will know the results of your screening.

What To Bring?

  1. Identity Card or Passport (Foreigner)
  2. Company Guarantee Letter from your Company or Insurance
  3. Payment is by Cash or Credit Cards.



Is There More Than One Option Of Screening Examinations For Me To Choose From?

Yes, IJN provides several options of tests to be performed. The best option for you should be determined by the discussion between you and your doctor as well as your overall physical condition. Perhaps your doctor is suggesting that you undergo the Heart Screening Program for a special reason, this might be a factor in deciding which Screeing Program is best for you. IJN has three (3) basic Screening Programs to choose from:

  • The Standard Heart Screening includes all of the heart tests as well as basic blood screening tests.

  • The Executive Heart Screening Program includes all of the above as well as more in depth blood screening tests.

  • The Elite Heart Screening Program is the most in depth and comprehensive of all of the programs. It includes all of the heart tests, and in depth the blood tests.

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