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Patient satisfaction rating

Quality Indicator

How satisfied are the patients with the hospital?

As obvious as it is, sometimes patients do not take the time to investigate a hospital’s patient satisfaction ratings. Hospital patient satisfaction is an important and critical quality indicator. As health care providers struggle to manage the rising costs of health care, hospital patient satisfaction is becoming a critical priority. Patient satisfaction helps a hospital identify areas for improvement that can lead to reduced costs, greater productivity and improved efficiency. Ultimately all these can only lead to a hospital’s long term success.

The key to improving hospital patient satisfaction is first to accurately measure and analyze the patient experience in healthcare environments. When deciding how best to gauge and understand hospital satisfaction, patients must know the depth and breadth for capturing, analyzing and benchmarking patient satisfaction.

Below are some benchmark tools that patients can use in assessing the hospital’s quality in in patient care.

  • Professionalism of healthcare personnel
  • Cleanliness and comfort of surrounding
  • The clarity and quality of communication (which includes instructions)
  • Having their queries answered
  • Involvement and participation in care

Patient satisfaction is a critical component of the quality of a hospital. Information about patient satisfaction should be indispensable to assessments of quality.


Inpatient Satisfaction Feedback (Excellent + Good)
Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) rates compare favourably with that of other international healthcare institutions’ reports. In fact with each year, IJN’s patient satisfaction rates are in the good to excellent categories.

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