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Clinical research in cardiovascular was and still remains one of the core objectives of the Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) since its inception in 1992. We are most dedicated to the treatment of cardiovascular disease and conscious for the need of research in this area. In line with national direction to promote clinical trial programs in this region, IJN has aspired to be the key player giving a full commitment and take a lead to accelerate and foster the clinical research agenda, in particular cardiovascular diseases in this region.

We have a number of collaboration research programs with local and international universities as a strategic approach to promote, encourage and bring cardiovascular research in IJN to a higher level. Through emphasizing observational studies and involvement in internationally recognized clinical trial activities, research agenda in IJN has continued to grow and produce interesting results. Our capacity to design, implement and coordinate a large number of clinical research has continued to improve and our contribution to the national community is now more recognized and aligned with national direction to establish clinical trial hubs in this region. Together with scientists and researchers from other academics and research institutes, IJN plays a leading role in these advances.

We are currently looking to recruit patients for the on-going studies.

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