Ischemic Heart Disease– Interventional Treatment

Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Procedures

IJN is a regional and national referral center for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). A total of 3,273 cardiac catheterization procedures were done in 2016 to treat patients with simple and complex ischemic heart disease.

Use of Appropriate Process Measures: Medications (N = 1,845) 2015 to 2016
PCI Procedure, In-Hospital Mortality (N = 1,509) 2016
Door-to-Balloon Time (N = 62) 2012 to 2016
PCI Procedures — Use of Radial Access (N = 4,536) 2016
CABG Volume
Isolated CABG: Additional OutcomesDeep Sternal Wound Infection (N=56) 2015 to 2016
Postoperative Renal Failure for Isolated CABG (N=166) 2015 to 2016
Data validated by Quality Management, IJN
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