dr suhaini

Dato’ Dr. Suhaini Kadiman,
Director of Clinical Research

Message from Director

The IJN Research Strategic Plan 2021-2025 marks an important milestone in our mission to be the lead research institute in this region. This strategic plan guides IJN’s mission to lead the way in research, development and innovation in cardiovascular and thoracic care and support our research talents as they continue to gain new ideas, discoveries and inventions for the benefit of our patients and medical fraternity. In our vision to be a sustainable and trusted patient-centred cardiovascular research centre and deliver highly impactful research and humanised innovation in cardiovascular care and service experience, we have identified seven strategic priorities and their related collective action plan for our organisation. The important pillars supporting the strategies include building an integrated research capability, optimising resources and talents, adopting advanced technology, value creation, and a high standard of research governance.

We will elevate our research standing by building on our expertise and upholding our reputation in the cardiovascular field. In addition, as one of the top heart hospitals in this region, our interconnection with other prominent researchers and institutions allows us to expand our interdisciplinary research, which makes high-impact, high-value, and meaningful contributions to the international community. Our strong collaborations with industry and the broader medical and healthcare community will further enhance the reputation of our research. With exceptional support from all stakeholders, the Directorate of Clinical Research realises this moment as an inspiring opportunity to articulate our research mission’s strategic direction and aspirations to enable IJN as the key driver in the national economic and social agenda to transform Malaysia into a competitive, vibrant knowledge economy. We, as a citizen, enjoy an excellent quality of life.

We are currently looking to recruit patients for the on-going studies.

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