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Cardiac-Obstetric Combine Clinic (Pregnancy & Heart Disease)

The Cardiac-Obstetric Combine Clinic for heart disease in pregnancy offers comprehensive care for pregnant mothers with heart disease. This services is run in collaboration with the Maternal Fetal Medicine unit of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

What do we offer?

The clinic provides a cardiac (heart) and obstetric expertise for the following:

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling on the risk and outcome
  • Contraception advice (family planning)
  • Antenatal management of women with heart disease
  • Labour, delivery and post natal management of pregnant women with high cardiovascular risk
  • Post-delivery follow up and advice on further cardiac management

The clinic consist of a multi-disciplinary team comprising of adult congenital heart specialist, adult cardiologist and maternal-fetal medicine specialist (obstetrician). Our team also includes cardiac and obstetric anaesthetists with expertise in managing high risk pregnant women with heart disease.


When does the clinic operate?

Who to contact?

+603 2617 8995
+603 2617 8984

The Doctors

Dr Geetha Kandavello
Dr Leong Ming Chern
Dr Syahidah Syed Tamim


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