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Congenital Heart Surgery

What is it about?

Complete correction of most heart defects early in life provides the most ideal long term solution. Surgical correction in the new-born or infant, minimizes or avoids detrimental effects of the heart defect in terms of its impact on the child’s heart, lung and intellectual development. From the family’s perspective, early correction of the heart defect also reduces the impact of chronic illness and care on the family members. At PCHC, we perform various types of open and closed heart operations for simple and complex Congenital Heart Disease in newborns, infants, children and young adults with outcome comparable to other major centres of the world.
At PCHC, your child will be taken care by a team of specialists that comprise of cardiac surgeons, cardiologist, cardiac anaesthesiologists, cardiovascular nurses and imaging technicians. This collaborative approach ensures the highest quality of care for your child.

What do we offer?

    • Neonatal Cardiac Surgery programme

Congenital heart disease appears at birth or within the first moth of life may be severe and requires early repair. The surgeries in this fragile period usually involves major reconstruction of the blood vessels of the body and intracardiac lessions.

At PCHC, our aim is to provide the best and most advanced care.

    • Heart Valve Programme (Both congenital and acquired)

We treat children with heart defect presenting with leaking, narrowing or absent heart valves, we also have vast experience in repairing Rheumatic diseased heart valves and infective valves. Our surgeons have recorded good results in repairing and replacement of heart valves.

Our goal is to reconstruct /preserve native valves that can last a long time and give patient an optimal quality of life

    • Adult Congenital Heart Disease

At PCHC, we continue to care and operate on patients who have been previously operated/treated in the childhood period and now require a repeat surgery. We also see newly diagnosed patients with congenital heart disease. We collaborate with specialists from other departments from general hospital. This multidisciplinary approach provides a comprehensive care plan for the patient.

    • Mechanical Circulatory Support Programme

Cardiac surgery has an active programme providing mechanical circulatory support for children with poor cardiac function after the surgery. Modes of support include Extracorporeal Membrane

Our goal is to provide temporary support for the heart while awaiting for the intrinsic heart function to recover in the meantime we will fully supporting the families with the help of our counsellors.


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