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Fetal Cardiac Clinic

Fetal echocardiography is a test similar to an ultrasound. To scan the structure and function of your unborn child’s heart. Its best done between weeks 18 to 24, however it can be performed any time after 18 weeks to term.

What do we offer?

Ideally all pregnant ladies should have fetal cardiac screening. Fetal echo-cardiogram is highly recommended in pregnant women who have the following:

    1. Detailed obstetric scan shows abnormal heart or heartbeat.
    2. History of Congenital Heart Disease in close family (yourself, husband and other children).
    3. History of taking medications drugs, or alcohol and smoking during your pregnancy that can cause heart defects, such as medications used to treat epilepsy or prescribed acne drugs, vitamin A.
    4. You have other medical conditions, including rubella, type 1 diabetes, SLE, or phenylketonuria (which is an inability to break down an important amino acid called phenylalanine).
    5. In vitro fertilization

When does the clinic operate?

Who to contact?

+603 2617 8995
+603 2617 8427

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