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What is Private Clinic?
Private Clinic is an outpatient clinic that serves private paying patients using company GL, insurance or self-pay.
Where is it located?
6th Floor, Block A.
Who can be served at this clinic?
Any patient with cardiovascular and cardiothoracic disease.
Is there any difference between Private Clinic and normal clinic?
Yes. Private Clinic operates a One Stop Center concept, where most tests are available, such as laboratory, ECG, Echocardiogram, Stress test, pharmacy, except for imaging services. Private Clinic doctor’s consultation is based on appointment time.
Will there be any changes on my consulting doctors?
No, unless your diagnosis is specifically for certain specialty, such as electrophysiology and heart failure.
Can I choose my preferred doctor?
Do I need to pay more to enjoy this services?
Do I need to make an appointment to be served at this new clinic?
Preferably, to avoid long waiting time to see doctor.
Can I walk in and request for an appointment?
Yes, just proceed to the service counter.
How long do I need to wait for an appointment at Private Clinic?
If you do not have a preferred doctor, an appointment can be given within one week.
If you have a preferred doctor, we will provide the earliest slot available.
Can I make use of my insurance coverage at IJN’s Private Clinic?
Yes you can.
Where can I find more information about your doctors and their expertise?
You can find it here at our website – www.ijn.com.my. Our website also offers online appointment booking and lots more.
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