Quality & Patient Safety 2018


Quality can be measured in many different ways. While there is no universal agreement about which method should be used, the following are often cited as the best indicators to determine whether or not you receive quality care for your medical condition.

Is the hospital rated highly by consumer groups?

One important way is to look at hospital performance report which helps consumers make informed choices

Is the hospital covered by your health plan?

Check to make sure that your insurance will cover payment of services provided to you.

List of accepted insurance at Institut Jantung Negara

Does the hospital have experience and success with your condition?

Patients and consumers are encouraged to ask about clinical outcomes such as survival statistics, infection rates and functional outcomes to provide important information about experience and case complexity. In general, the more experience the better the outcome.

Does the hospital review and continuously improve its own quality of care?

Patient satisfaction often reflects the personal side of care, such as how willing doctors and nurses are to listen, answer questions and explain treatments; how much time the doctor spends with the patient; and how comfortable patients find the hospital in terms of cleanliness and the quality of food served.

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