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Full Board Review process:

  • Investigator submit the application to IJNREC
  • Secretariat of IJNREC will review the application and determine the eligibility for full review (IJNREC Determination Form – CRD-QR-A05)
  • If the research project is not eligible for exempt or expedited review, the research project shall be reviewed during the IJNREC meeting
  • Secretariat of IJNREC will notify the applicant in written
  • In order to approve human subject research, IJNREC shall determine that the following criteria are satisfied:
    1. Proposed research scientifically sound
    2. Risk is minimized and risk to research participant are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits and the importance of the knowledge gained from the research
    3. Selection of research participant is equitable
    4. Informed consent will be obtained from each prospective research participant or legally authorized representative (LAR)
    5. Adequate provision for monitoring of data collected to ensure the safety of research participant
    6. Adequate provision to protect the privacy of research participant and to maintain the confidentiality and security of data and research information
    7. Additional safeguards have been included in the research to protect the rights and welfare of research participant when involve a vulnerable participant
  • IJNREC members, shall complete IJNREC Review Checklist (CRD-QR-A06) to facilitate the protocol review
  • Documents required for Full Review:
  • An application that has been accepted for review and assigned a reference number should not made any revisions, prior to the IJNREC meeting
    1. IJNREC Application Form (CRD-QR-A02)
    2. Research protocol
    3. Participant Information Sheet and Informed Consent (when appropriate)
    4. All surveys, questionnaires or data collection form
    5. All recruitment materials (e.g. letter of invitation, flyer, and advertisement)
    6. Curriculum vitae of Investigator(s)
    7. Any other support documents
    8. Secretary of IJNREC will record the discussion of the meeting and prepare the minutes
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