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Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold

In CAD, the arteries became narrowed due to deposition of cholesterol and fibrin which lead to plaque formation. In order to widen the narrowed blood vessel, a Stent mounted over a balloon is inserted into the artery via a catheter and the balloon is inflated to deploy the stent. The balloon is then deflated and removed, leaving the stent to act as a scaffold.screenshot-2015-06-01-14-06-09

The initial stents were bare metal stents. However, because of a 10 to 30% restenosis (renarrowing) rate, drug-eluting stents DES were developed, with which restenosis has been reduced to single digit in the majority of non-complex lesions. DES has 3 components, the stent, the polymer (which carries and elutes the drug), and the drug, which is eluted over time.

Improvements on the DES have been made, some DES now has bioresorbable polymer, ‘dissolving’ over some 9 months by which time it is no longer functional anyway. A more recent development is the bioresorbable scaffold, with which once the drug is eluted, the polymer ‘dissolves’, the scaffold also dissolves over some 2 years, leaving the vessel in its earlier state. This is the background of the Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold.

On 8th February 2011, IJN became the first in Malaysia and South East Asia to implant the “Bio-resorbable Vascular Scaffold” (BVS) to a patient with significant Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). As of November 2011, seven patients have been implanted with the BVS and they make up part of the ongoing worldwide clinical trial that seeks to assess the performance of the BVS in treating patients with CAD.

screenshot-2015-06-01-14-07-29ABSORB BVS is the world’s first drug eluting vascular scaffold to be approved for the treatment of CAD. ABSORB is made of polylactide, a proven biocompatible material that is commonly used in medical implants such as dissolvable sutures. The device is designed to be slowly metabolized and eventually be resorbed by the body after providing support to the vessel during the healing process.

The ABSORB technology has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of coronary artery disease – with the prospect for positive therapeutic outcomes resulting from its unique ability to treat a blocked vessel, potentially restore natural vessel function and disappear within approximately two years after implant.

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