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GrownUp Congenital Heart Disease GUCH

Advances in non-invasive imaging like 2D and 3D echocardiography, foetal echocardiogram, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging CMRI, multi-sliced computerized tomography MSCT, have led to earlier and more accurate diagnosis, guide more definitive treatment, like catheter-based treatment, guide more refined surgery. Added with advances in intensive care management, more patients with congenital heart disease, including complex congenital heart disease now survive to reach adulthood. Some complex congenital heart disease may require staged surgery or may require added surgery when they outgrow the conduit/s that was used for initial surgery. There may also be changes in intracardiac and intra-arterial pressures as the patient grows.

As these patients grow into adulthood, other issues arise, including pregnancy and contraception, other medical conditions, the need for treatment on non-cardiac conditions and surgery, social issues like employment, insurance, genetic counseling and physical activities.

There is a need for specialists to attend to these patients.


IJN started the GUCH services in June 2008, and on average the clinic has added 120 to 140 cases per year.

Doctor in charge of GUCH services:


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