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Paediatric & Congenital Heart Centre PCHC

Congenital heart disease, defined as an abnormality in cardiovascular structure or function that is present at birth, commonly called ‘hole-in-heart’, is found in 0.8% of live births. Not all require treatment. Furthermore, some may be ‘discovered’ later in life. The treatment of congenital heart disease is predominantly by surgical correction, with some being suitable for non-surgical device-based transcatheter treatment.


With the number of congenital heart disease patients who require treatment, there remains a waiting list of patients who require surgical correction. While, even from its inception, IJN has an active paediatric cardiology component, a large number of transcatheter procedures for congenital heart defects, and a large component (about 40%) of total surgery, there is still a substantial waiting list for surgery. With that background, IJN is in the process of expanding its paediatric services arm, and in stages, will expand to a Paediatric Cardiac Centre PCC. Services will continue as the expansion progresses. The plans include: (1) Infrastructure ready by middle 2012 – with which there would be 53 (in-patient beds), 28 intensive care beds, and 3 operating suites (out of a total of 8) dedicated for paediatric work (2) The clinics, which would allow simultaneous clinics by 10 doctors, would be ready by August 2013.

Persons responsible to setting up the PCC:



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