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Research Laboratories

In the field of research, IJN’s has been principally involved in clinical research.

In 1997, in preparation for its heart transplantation programme, IJN collaborated with Universiti Putra in its animal laboratories, to improve skills in transplantation.

Following the expansion in 2009, IJN planned to expand its research laboratories.

On the 29th October 2011, IJN conducted the first ASEAN Advanced Biosurgery workshop with the objectives of (1) to facilitate knowledge exchange on surgical haemostasis in cardiovascular surgery (2) to provide technique learning/ sharing platform among cardiovascular surgeons. (3) to evaluate the performance of haemostatic products on bleeding challenges in cardiovascular surgery.


A total of 22 surgeons from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia participated in the first workshop.

IJN research division will expand the research laboratories utilization.

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