Cardio Fitness Programme

………..An Opportunity for a Fitter You!

As the leading heart centre of Malaysia, the physiotherapy department is committed to maximizing quality of life through prevention, intervention (treatment), rehabilitation and promotion of heart health and general fitness. Since 1998, we have been the premier hospital to offer a comprehensive structured cardiac rehabilitation programme. This is a secondary prevention programme targeted at individuals who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease with or without cardiac intervention. The objective is to help patients make changes in lifestyles while providing counseling on nutrition, use of medication, smoking cessation, supervised exercise sessions and psychological support.

The Cardio Fitness Programme was introduced to cater to physically healthy individuals who want to increase control over and improve their health. This is a step towards cardiac prevention for the community. The programme goes beyond exercise training as participants are required to undergo a series of tests and medical screening by a team of highly trained Professionals. A strict risk stratification process is incorporated to ensure that the exercise prescription is specially tailored to the individual’s functional capacity and coronary risk factors (if any). Supervised exercise training by trained personnel (Exercise Physiologist/Physiotherapist) is done in a gym that is adequately equipped with fitness and medical facilities. Our priority is to educate one to take charge of self-management strategies and life-long behavioural changes and all this is done in a safe gym cum medical setup!

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From Left to right (behind):Khairullizam b Ahmad Termizi, Zamri b Isa, Mohd Radzwan Shaari, Norhafizah Mohd Rashid, Nurul Ain Ab Rahman, Siti Aishah Saidin, YogawallieFrom Left to Right (front):Boey Ghod Chee, Rozita Zaid, Thayalinee

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