Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

What is CPR?

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR essentially means to revive the heart & lungs using a combined technique of chest compressions & mouth-to-mouth breathing.  Important organs in our body such as the heart, lungs & brain, require oxygen to function.  When breathing in, oxygen from the environment enters the lungs & the heart pumps this oxygen rich blood, circulating it to the tissues & organs.

When is CPR performed?

We perform CPR when the heart & or lungs stop working.  This can happen in many situations.  The most common example would be a heart attack, where the blood supply to the heart is blocked & the heart muscle is not able to function.  Other conditions that may cause the heart and lungs to stop functioning include drowning, severe asthma & electrocution.

Why should I learn CPR?

ANYONE can perform CPR with the right training. At least 1 person in each household or work area should be trained in CPR in case of emergencies.  In reviving a collapsed patient, what is important is how early CPR is started.  The longer the delay, the lesser the chances of survival for the patient.


Where can I learn CPR?

IJN CPR Faculty runs the Basic Life Support Course which teaches basic CPR.  All our courses follows the latest American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for resuscitation & we are a certified American Heart Association Training Site. Other courses conducted include:

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course
  • Basic Life Support Instructor Course
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Refresher Course

IJN CPR Faculty conducts Corporate Packages for CPR Courses to cater for larger groups / companies / public.  For further enquiries & bookings, kindly contact our IJN CPR Faculty executive at 03-2617 8834 or 03-2617 8665 or email us at


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