Cardio Fitness Program

The Cardio Fitness Program is a program specially designed to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors and risk factor reduction. It is targeted at healthy individuals with or without risk factors, at a hospital setup. One need not be a (IJN) patient to sign up for this program. The current package comes with a risk stratification process and the exercise program is then tailored to your functional capacity and coronary risk factors (if any). The package includes ECG, 2D ECHO, Stress Test, Lipid profile, Body Fat Analysis, Waist-Hip ratio, Six-Minute Walk Test, Cardiologist consultation and risk stratification together with an exercise package for a total of 24 visits. Individuals can opt for a group or personalized package. However, this is subjected to the results of the risk stratification process.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a monitored process of recovery where heart patients are given counselling, dietary advice and physiotherapy. This helps patients resume a normal active life as soon as possible after a heart attack or cardiac surgery. This service is designed for anyone who has had a heart attack, cardiac surgery or any form of heart disease.

When Does Cardiac Rehabilitation Begin?

Rehabilitation begins even while the patient is still in the ward and continues after discharge. The outpatient cardiac rehabilitation sessions are twice a week from 1:45pm to 4.00pm, for four weeks (eight sessions in total). The first session starts a week after discharge.

What Does Cardiac Rehabilitation Involve?

At each session, a patient will be given:

  • An assessment and evaluation by physiotherapists / exs. physiologists
  • An exercise session by physiotherapists / exs. physiologists
  • Talks and discussions with doctors and paramedical personnel. (A family member is encouraged to join the patient during the talks and discussions)

How Should A Patient Prepare For The Session?

There is nothing very much to prepare. Just come in suitable exercise attire (pants, t-shirt and sport shoes) and bring a small face towel. However, patients are advised to take only a light meal, at least one hour before the exercise session which starts at 1.00pm.

IJN Physiotherapy Outpatient Services

IJN Physiotherapy Outpatient Services feature a pioneering configuration of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program & Pain management that adds extra days and operation hours without compromising on quality & patient care. We are open from Monday – Sunday from 8am till 8.30pm. Make your appointment now.

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