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Patient Information

Do I need to book an appointment before come to IJN

We welcome walk-ins. However, it is advisable to book an appointment to enable us to serve you more efficiently; for example, you may want to consult with a specific doctor or request certain doctors. Please contact our Appointment Centre at 03-2617 8844; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday) , Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to schedule an appointment or click here where you will be able to schedule an appointment online.

What information do I need to have with me when I consult at IJN

Patients should bring the following information which will be required during registration at IJN:

Require Financial Assistance

  • Referral Letter and Report (latest Chest X-ray) from any Government Hospital or
  • Referral by a General Physician or Cardiologist
  • MyKad / MyKid / Birth Certificate
  • Letter from “Jabatan Kebajikan / Jabatan Kerja Sosial” ONLY
  • Electricity/Water/Astro bills for address confirmation

Full Self-Paying Patients

  • Deposit RM 500 – New Case (BALANCE refundable)
  • MyKad / MyKid / Birth Certificate/ Passport
  • Medical Report (if available)

Private Company

  • MyKad/MyKid/Birth Certificate/Passport
  • Company Guarantee


  • Referral Letter from Panel Clinics – if required
  • MyKad/MyKid/Birth Certificate/Passport
  • Insurance Forms/Guarantee Letter

Federal Staff /Dependent/Parents or Pensioner

  • Referral Letter from Private or Government Hospital signed by a General Physician or Cardiologist
  • MyKad/MyKid/Birth Certificate
  • Guarantee Letter/Pension Card

State Government/Local Authority/Statutory Bodies or Pensioner

  • Referral Letter from Government Hospital signed by a General Physician or Cardiologist
  • MyKad / MyKid/ Birth Certificate
  • Guarantee Letter/Pension Card


  • Deposit RM 500 – new case (balance will be refundable if any)
  • Passport
  • Medical report – if any

If I need medical attention but cannot afford to pay for it, what can I do?

If you require financial assistance, kindly approach our Patient Services personnel who will advise the various options available.

Is there Valet Parking?

Yes, we have the service ,with a minimal charge. Please proceed to our main lobby.

Visitor Information

What are patient visiting hours?

Please visit here for the detailed listing of patient visiting hours.

Are children allowed to visit patients at IJN?

Children under 12 years of age are allowed to visit from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Monday – Friday), 12:00pm to 7:00pm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday) only and are not permitted in the units or at the waiting areas of the Critical Care Units (ICU, CCU , PICU , PCICU)

How can I contact a patient in the Intensive Care Unit?

Intensive Care Unit patients have no phones in their rooms. Intensive Care Unit nurses will relay information to immediate family members only.

Do you have a listing of hotels in the Institut Jantung Negara area?

Yes, we do have hotels nearby IJN.

How do I get to IJN?

IJN is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur on Jalan Tun Razak. You may use public transportation such as taxi directly to IJN or the LRT with the stop at the Titiwangsa LRT station before taking the taxi to IJN.


If you are coming from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) via taxi, the journey to IJN will take approximately 40 minutes

Department Telephone Listing

Where do I call to find out the condition of a patient in the hospital?

Call our General Line at 03-26178200. Our Operator will connect the call to the ward / unit. Only the next of kin may enquire about patient’s condition

Where do I call to book an appointment to see the heart specialist?

Call our Appointment Centre at 03-26178844 or click here where you are able to make the appointment throughout the website.

Where do I call if I have a question about my hospital bill?

Billing Services – 

Outpatient Billing

Tel: +603 2600 6496 / +603 2617 8454 

Email: pfs@ijn.com.my


Inpatient Billing

Tel:+603 2617 8418 / +603 2617 8424

Email: pfs@ijn.com.my

Where do I call for information on health screenings?

Please visit ijn.com for more information of our health screening package or call our Wellness Centre at +603-26006421/6423

Medical Record

What is the Health Information Management Department?

This is the new name hospitals use to designate the department that holds your medical records.

How can I get a copy of my medical records for myself or to be sent to someone other than myself, such as a physician, attorney, insurance company or any other person?

To obtain copies of your medical records, download and complete an Authorization for Release of Health Information form available on the forms page. Clearly specify the dates of service and/or the types of reports needed.


Please note: If you are under psychiatric care, your request for release of your medical records will need to be reviewed by your psychiatrist or designee. If your request is denied, a summary from your psychiatrist may be obtained by written request.

Can I get my lab results over the phone?

Only Physician are allowed to disclose patient’s results.

How can I get my medical reports/ discharge summary/ any results/insurance claims/correspondence letters?

For all request regarding medical report, insurance claim or results, kindly visit Institut Jantung Negara (under Health Information Management Services) to complete the form report request.

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