Get the most out of
your treatments


Pharmacists provide an important connection between you and your doctor by helping you to understand the role of medications in the overall treatment plan. As pharmacists, we trust that when patients understand how and why medications are important, patients will take their medications accordingly and cooperate with doctors to manage their medical conditions.


We provide the following services:

Medication appropriateness review for your medications prescribed by the doctors during your stay.

In critical care wards, pharmacists work with doctors to optimise your medication therapy.

Supply of medications based on the medication orders prescribed by your doctors for consumption during your stay.

Managing Patients-Own-Medication (POM):

  • You are encouraged to bring along your own medications during admission and surrender them to the nurse/pharmacist for safekeeping.
  • Please refrain from taking your own medications without informing doctors.

Reporting of any adverse effects from your medications and supplying you with an allergy alert card if needed.

Handling of your medication enquiries.

Dispensing your medications upon discharge.

Providing essential information and tools to help you better understand your medical conditions and medications.