Self-funded patients

  • As our standard hospital procedure, patient will need to make payment before getting treatment. Our hospital accepts all major credit cards, cash and personal cheque (for Admission) with a banker’s card. For cheques, we require 10 days clearance prior to patient’s treatment date.

Sponsored patients

  • If you are sponsored by a company, employer or third party, you will need to provide a letter of guarantee along with a certain amount of deposit.

Medical insurance

  • If you wish to use your private medical insurance, please check with your insurance provider regarding your eligibility for the treatments coverage at every stage; including out-patient consultation, daycare procedures or in-patient treatments.
  • Please note that you will be fully responsible for your treatment costs, hence it is crucial that you understand the coverage of your insurance. Claim process will differ depending on your insurance provider and they should be able to guide you through the process.

"Beyond Cardiac Excellence” signifies our believe in delivering not only excellent cardiac care but providing holistic approach to all our customers as a whole.

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