• Contact your health insurance company to ensure you are covered for the specific treatment, which includes your first out-patient consultation. Your insurance company will provide you with a claim form before you proceed with any treatment or consultation
  • Things to check before your outpatient visit:
    • Insurance company name and scheme details
    • Membership , policy number and claim reference number
    • Is there a payable excess on your policy?
    • Is there any monetary limits for your outpatient treatment?
    • Is there any limitations for your outpatient coverage that will result in hospital admission
  • Do inform our officer in-charge  on the type of pre-authorization reference your insurance has given you
  • Please bring your claim form with you when attending your out-patient appointment
  • If you are being admitted for an in-patient or a day-care treatment, please pass your claim form to our staffs for us to arrange your specialist to fill in the form at the medical section
  • Please ensure that the “patient/member’ section on the claim form is completed and signed
  • We do offer a direct arrangements with major insurance companies for a smoother process

"Beyond Cardiac Excellence” signifies our believe in delivering not only excellent cardiac care but providing holistic approach to all our customers as a whole.

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