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International Patients

IJN’s medical expertise in cardiovascular and thoracic care is internationally recognised. This has lead to an ever increasing number of international patients. To facilitate overseas patient preparations IJN has set up the International Patient Centre (IPC). Services include:

Visa and Immigration Assistance

Visas are not usually required for social/business visits under six months. Foreign nationals who do require visas must apply and obtain a visa in advance at a Malaysian Embassy or Representative Office before entering the country. The IPC will assist by providing necessary documentation to obtain Visa for medical treatment in IJN. The IPC will also help obtain Visa extensions that may arise during patient’s stay. Visitors to Malaysia must be in possession of a valid passport with a minimum validity of six (6) months beyond the period of stay. IPC also helps with immigration clearance in emergency cases More info on immigration and visa

Medical Co-ordination

Provide support services and arrangements relating to patient’s medical needs, including pre-departure consultation, scheduling of appointments and referrals, inpatient admission, referral and follow-ups in home country, rehabilitation needs as well as medical devices and special therapy.

Hospital Admissions and Discharges

Assist with hospital admissions and discharges, including bill estimation, deposit arrangement, fund transfer, bill payment, insurance claim, medical leave certificate and medical report.

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