The Patient’s Charter is part of IJN’s quality initiative that sets out patient’s rights and standards of service they should expect. It is a reaffirmation of our commitment to the best interests of the patients at all times. It also brings strength and knowledge so that patients can make better decisions about their treatment and care. As a patient of IJN, you have the right to:

Timely and Adequate Information

  • You shall be given adequate medical information such as medical condition, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • You shall be informed of the professional identity of your healthcare providers.
  • You shall be entitled to a Medical Report, upon request and payment of a reasonable fee.
  • You shall be entitled to an itemised bill and explanation of hospital charges upon request.
  • You shall, upon request, be given advice in relation to promotive, preventive, curative medicine and rehabilitation to maintain good health and healthy lifestyle.

Medical treatment

  • You shall be given medical treatment, including treatment in emergency situations, in accordance with currently accepted standards of hospital care in Malaysia.


  • You are entitled to refuse a recommended treatment and be discharged at your own risk.
  • You are entitled to request for a second opinion from another external physician.
  • You are entitled to request for a referral to another healthcare provider.
  • You are entitled to decline participation in medical research programmes.
  • You are entitled to participate in your care to the extent that you wish.

Privacy and dignity

  • Your personal and medical information shall be confidential.
  • Your privacy, dignity, religious and cultural beliefs shall be respected.

Hospital environment

  • You shall be treated in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Facility for raising concerns.

  • You are entitled to raise any concern and to request for assistance from the hospital staff.
  • You are entitled to have access to an appropriate grievance mechanism.

As a patient of IJN, you have the responsibility to:

Provide information

  • You are expected to fully and truthfully provide details of your medical, medication and treatment history.
  • You are expected to fully and truthfully provide your personal details including insurance and financial information.

Adhere to treatment plans

  • You shall adhere to medical advice and instructions should you choose to accept them.
  • You shall attend all appointments punctually and notify IJN if you are unable to keep the appointment.

Adhere to rules and regulations

  • You shall adhere to all rules and regulations of IJN at all times.
  • You shall observe the no smoking policy.
  • Timely payment of hospital charges.
  • You shall pay your hospital bills within the stipulated time frame.

Respect one another

  • You and your visitors shall respect and be considerate to others.
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